Jonathan Ralton will present “Taming Your Taxonomy” at the first-ever SharePoint Saturday Rhode Island on November 9, 2013.  The event will be held at the New Horizons office in Providence, and is free to the public.

“SharePoint offers extensive opportunity for flexibility in the storage and retrieval of your information and documents. Whether you are planning for a small team-based collaboration site or a department-wide portal, the value of taking the time to chart your course before you start diving into site settings and configuring views on your libraries and lists is inarguable.  SharePoint offers you an arsenal of constructs to tame your disorganized data: lists, libraries, columns, site columns, content types, enterprise content types, managed metadata… Thinking these through properly at the outset will help you craft a solid foundation to build upon now and in the future. The additional capabilities introduced in SharePoint 2013 such as extended managed metadata give you even more options to consider in crafting your taxonomy.  This session assumes a basic end user knowledge of site structures, list and library behavior, metadata, and navigation in SharePoint.”

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