According to Gartner, video content within the average organization is growing between 50% and 200% annually. Content Management Systems such as SharePoint offer a solution for text-based content, but gaps still exist when it comes to video.  Like documents, videos are valuable if they can be easily stored, organized, and found, but the video format has unique challenges which complicate this.

This year, BlueMetal Architects partnered with RAMP to bridge these gaps and deliver video content management solutions to enterprises with large volumes of video content for corporate communications, training, sales enablement and marketing.

On August 28, at 1 pm ET, BlueMetal and RAMP will review the trends in video usage in the enterprise and the ways organizations can make that video more valuable. Specifically, we will explore how SharePoint 2013 natively supports video and add-ons that provide additional capabilities to make video a first-class citizen in the enterprise.

You can register for the webinar here.