Last week, Tech Data announced the release of their access TD app to the Windows 8 Store. The app provides product and order information to their solution providers via a cleanly designed user interface, with the goal of helping them close deals faster.  Tech Data teamed with BlueMetal to design and develop the app. 

“This was a great project,” Szymon Rozga, the lead developer on the project, said.  “We helped TechData in two important ways. First, we took an existing Windows Modern inspired design and advised TechData on how to turn it into a true Windows 8 experience.  Kate O’Brien on our team did a lot of great user interface and visual design work here. Secondly, we spent time with their technical team mentoring them on how to reuse as much of their existing HTML5 JavaScript BackboneJS codebase as possible in a Windows 8 HTML5/WinJS environment. That really is the true promise of developers being able to write their apps in HTML5/JS, and we helped TechData turn this promise into reality.”

For more information, see the TechData press release.