Webinar Panel on Shire Hub Intranet

I’m thrilled to be part of an early adopter project building a new intranet for Shire Pharmaceuticals based on the forthcoming SharePoint Communication Sites. Shire is an exciting and innovative company with (at least) two Intranets, based on a recent merger, and they really wanted a modern and engaging site that would bring the whole company together with a shared vision and access to shared resources.

The Intranet is based on Microsoft Communication sites, announced last May 16th, though Shire and BlueMetal have had access to earlier builds. Communication Sites are kind of a first step toward full Publishing sites, which are still more full featured in terms of content management and publishing features. However Publishing sites still run in “classic” mode, making them heavier weight and requiring custom work or add-on products to make them mobile-friendly. Shire wanted to skip to the future, and were willing to forgo some of the advanced publishing features in order to have a faster, more responsive site that will position them for whatever comes next for modern SharePoint.

The project team includes a number of my fellow Microsoft MVP’s as well as several of my BlueMetal teammates. Last week Microsoft broadcast a webinar from the Boston MTC featuring a cross-section of the development team including BlueMetal’s Mike Tolly. The panelists discussed all aspects of the project, from the “governance first” approach to development challenges to design considerations for modern SharePoint.

This project is giving us large scale, real-world exposure to all aspects of modern SharePoint development, and we’re learning a lot all the time. During the webinar, Mark Kashman promised we’d post some of the lessons learned in the project, so today I posted three to my personal blog:

  1. Previewing and Opening Office Documents from the SharePoint Framework
  2. Using the OneDrive File Picker in SharePoint Framework Solutions
  3. Creating Reusable React Components for SharePoint Framework Solutions

This project on github contains the sample solution for all three articles.

If you’re interested in Modern SharePoint intranets, portals, or structured collaboration solutions, please reach out to me or follow me on Twitter.