SP Survival Guide thumbnailOver the last few months, Microsoft has turned around its SharePoint platform and embarked on a mission to modernize the popular collaboration and portal product. This is great news for customers, who¬†can look forward to a number of improvements, including a complete overhaul of SharePoint’s aging web user interface. However all the change introduces a lot of uncertainty. While it’s clear that Microsoft is investing in SharePoint again, how can enterprise customers invest without worrying that Microsoft will make their work obsolete?

The SharePoint experts at BlueMetal have written a white paper to address these concerns, and to help clients plan a roadmap to the Future of SharePoint. This paper will answer thorny questions such as:

  • – What’s changing, and what parts of SharePoint will be affected?
  • – Is it still safe to customize SharePoint? And what about existing customization investments?
  • – What’s the best way to approach a new SharePoint Intranet project in these times of uncertainty? And what about collaboration and social scenarios?

Click here to download your copy of the SharePoint Survival Guide: Planning Your Road Map to the Future of SharePoint, and gain these and other insights on how to manage the change in your enterprise.