Every business today is going through a digital transformation as a result of disruptive forces in the market; from born-in-the-cloud competitors to the increasing demands of customers, partners and employees to engage through modern digital experiences. They are evolving from relying only on historical data to learning to use both historical and real-time data to drive innovation, business strategy and automate critical business processes.

As business evolve and transform to take advantage of real-time data, they will drive impact to the business through operational efficiencies as well as creating new revenue opportunities. For example, a product manufacturer can gather information about how the product is performing and automate the scheduling of field service engineers only as needed. Retail outlets can provide real-time inventory to drive an Omni-channel shopping experience for their customers.  Companies that have a need to increase worker safety can track both environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and wind speed along with their biometrics such as heartrate, body temperature and breathing rate to be able to determine if an employee’s physical condition or conditions in the environment would create a worker safety issue.

In all of these scenarios, these companies are finding that in order to stay competitive, improve operational efficiencies and engage their customers more deeply, they must learn to leverage modern software development patterns and practices. They are transforming to become Software-as-a-Service providers skilled in the art of data science and IoT. They are learning to create applications that connect people, places and things providing real-time data visualization, alerts and notifications, integrating with existing line of business systems and providing seamless authentication for customers, partners and employees through immersive, beautiful experiences that work on any device and are available 24/7. They are transforming to become a Real-Time Business.

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