Retailers have long held for a dream of a connected experience – the idea that you can create a tether between your brand and customers. But technology has never been quite at that point to achieve this vision. Until now. Several factors have combined to now fulfill the tethered brand.

The cloud: The cloud has finally reached its original promise and potential

Mobility: Ever present, native or browser based, brands now have applications that can communicate directly to their consumers

Internet of Things: We have moved beyond the handheld device and leveraging a more powerful cloud, can stay connected via multiple ways of communication

Rise of the CXO: The chief experience officer, or sometimes Chief Design Officer, has created incentive for truly brand owned digital platforms, hosted in the cloud, all communicating with each other.

It’s this combination of factors which allows business to design their experiences from the customer perspective, top-down, rather than within the confines of the technology, or bottom-up design. Retail particularly is ready for this approach, with the need for a 360 connected experience regardless of whether the customer is in-store, on-line, mobile.

Our workshops can get you started in the right direction because we combine experts in Design, Mobility, Cloud and Connected Devices. We can work with you not only to envision the art of the possible, but can show you ways we’ve implemented these visions for other clients. For more details contact