The software development landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. Disruptive technologies and design approaches have introduced entirely new types of applications and methods for building them. There is also a deep desire to move away from big bang releases of software products that take many years to design and build and instead move to a cloud hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model where the version of software you are using is always the latest and greatest.

Automated control over the entire development process is required to achieve this level of deployment control. Traditional 3-Tier monolithic applications are not well suited for this fully automated software-as-a-service model. Application Architects need to rethink how they are designing and implementing their solutions in order to create a better fit for this new world of continuous delivery. A combination of Cloud Platforms and Microservice Architecture provide the key to achieving continuous delivery and delivering software-as-a-service.

This session provides practical guidance on how to adopt a Microservices Architecture and leverage Microsoft’ Azure’s Platform in order to build highly scalable, resilient, composable units of deployment for modern applications. An Azure IoT application will be used to demonstrate the concepts.

You will learn :

  1. 1. How to design and implement Microservices for Azure
  2. 2. Microservices Patterns for traditional line of business solutions
  3. 3. Microservices Patterns for Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics solutions
  4. 4. Techniques for automating Microservice development, test, staging and deployment

Features Covered:

This session is focused on Azure PaaS Resources and PowerShell.

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