As more and more companies reach achieve their technological goals using readily available services, in-house IT departments are evolving to stay relevant in a changing ecosystem.

How can IT departments ensure their future?

  1. Become a center of thought leadership. IT should see themselves as a driver of innovation for a company, whether its through individual members
  1. IT Support is over – IT as a team of people supporting employees is no longer required in this new landscape so focus on your employees growing their consultancy skills by blogging, training, exposure to technology partners
  1. Align your technology leadership to your company brand – this is key. Partner with your head of Marketing and Business Strategies to understand how they view their customers, what success means to them, what drivers their day-to-day numbers. This brings us to the next point
  1. Prototype quickly and often. Commit to one technology innovation per month that provides an impact to both your business and customers. Prototyping doesn’t mean a full working product, it means the minimum you need to do to express your idea, get people excited and get your department in front of the executive team. A sample of prototyping that we do that creates great results is available here.
  1. Rebrand your department – IT must leave the legacy it has established within a company if it is to continue. Other executives must see IT as supplying the necessary technology innovation that creates a vital component of business and customer success.

Don’t know how to rebrand? BlueMetal has the perfect combination of brand experts, designers and technologists who can workshop with you on how to re-invigorate your department and provide value to your company in a rapid timeframe. Contact for more information.