BlueMetal’s Content and Collaboration team has been busy building solutions ranging from portals to intranets to structured collaboration with forms and workflow. Here are a few recent articles from our team members that may be useful to you and the greater community.

A series of articles on JSLink by Julie Turner
JSLink is a powerful new technology that allows you to customize the way SharePoint displays data in list forms and views. In this article, Julie explains some of the finer points to make this work in complex forms.

Office Visio Stencil for Exchange Server, Skype Server, and Office 365 by Jonathan Ralton
Our world class Information Architect Jonathan Ralton shares information about a valuable tool recently made available by Microsoft.

How to Read Information from a Person Field via the REST API by Bob German
SharePoint treats people as a first class data type, but accessing the details via the new REST API is not obvious. This is a quick tip on how to get this information and present it in an AngularJS application.

Send Email through Visual Studio Workflow by Julie Turner
The hip new way to develop SharePoint workflows is to use Visual Studio with the new Workflow Manager based workflow engine. This makes it easier to move the workflow through development and test sites and into production. Sending an email is not as simple as hoped, however; here Julie clarifies the details.

An Independent Evaluation of Third-Party SharePoint Analytics Offerings by Jonathan Ralton
Jonathan recently evaluated several SharePoint analytics offerings as part of a project, and shared his findings at SharePoint Saturday New York. He offers his slides here.

SharePoint as a Service by Bob German
There has been a lot of discussion lately on using SharePoint as a platform (building web sites on SharePoint’s UI) vs. SharePoint as a Service (building a separate web site that uses SharePoint web services). One of the first articles on the topic is on Bob’s blog; he’s planning more strategic coverage for the BlueMetal blog in the near future.