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Microsites or brochure sites are fast, simple, temporary marketing or product sites that are targeted towards a specific audience in order to generate interest, registration, or word of mouth marketing. They are the pop-up stands of websites. But before you get started on building one, ask yourself the following questions:

The Message – is the purpose of building the site pared down to the essentials of what you want to communicate. Is the message focused on a single thing you want to express? Refining your message makes it more powerful and attracts the exact people you are targeting

The Goal – how will you measure the success of your Microsite? Number of page views is too broad a statement, so be specific – the number of people who avail of an offer? Registrations? Shares?

The Experience – Your design must be simple, beautiful, and support your message. The user experience must drive the audience towards your goal and encourage them to achieve the goal.

The problem with microsites is that their specificity in message, actions, and design often means they are throwaway. Its harder to manage the content; often, it’s a little too off-brand with the parent company, and reusability is low to negligible. This makes it harder for the marketing department to get budget for short term campaigns, so a reusable content platform is needed for the business.

BlueMetal’s approach to microsites is a lot more holistic. Leveraging technologies, such as Sitecore, we create a Microsite platform of templates that are all centrally managed, which empowers your marketing teams to create customized sites quickly without having to reinvent from scratch each time. You can view an overview of our approach here and also contact